Lexikalische Profile und Frequenzprofile LADA - Oliver Strunk und Marta Fern√°ndez-Villanueva

Lexical Frequeny Profiles (LFP)

Basics: B. Laufer & P. Nation (1995) Vocabulary Size and Use: Lexical Richness in L2 Written Production. Applied Linguistics Vol. 16, No 3.
Critical review about the limitations of Laufer and Nations LFP in http://www.lextutor.ca/vp/fr/recall01.htm.
This tool is merely a training simulation and should not be used for real vocabulary studies. Wordlists are based on the JACET listst, provided by Miralpeix and Meara in the tool V-Size (http://www.lognostics.co.uk/tools/index.htm).